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About Us

Herbal Fusion is a path found when our search begin for skin and hair care products which are not laden with synthetics. We have searched the ancient rituals followed in siddha, ayurveda and aromatherapy and are formulating our blends so that they are effective and also safe.

We make sure we follow our own safe and healthy philosophy.

  • We handpick ingredients from local farmers or home grow them, so that they are thoroughly checked for quality.
  • Most of our ingredients are natural and wild grown and some of them are organic certified.
  • Above 90% of our ingredients are natural and our products are free of harmful chemicals.
  • All our products are prepared with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) methods.
  • The products undergo rigorous testing at each stage of manufacture so the expected quality is reached.
  • Products are prepared in small batches and so each batch remains fresh when it reaches your hands.
  • Our products are aimed to bring out the beauty in you, but they may not look glamorous as we do not add unnecessary fragrance, mica or plastic.
  • We follow strict transparency and disclose all our ingredients on our product labels.
  • We do not test our products on animals.

Herbal Fusion was co-founded by Vaishnavi and me (Hemalatha) in the year of 2016. Vaishnavi who is a designer by profession, chose to work in salons, but never felt good about loading the customers with harmful chemicals injected into the commercial personal care products in the name of beauty. There starts her research journey into the world of natural cosmetics. She found most of the natural cosmetic believers are foreigners whereas India, particularly Tamilnadu is the land of "siddhars", the enlightened souls, who formulated "rasayanas" from the plants. She found the plants that were long-forgotten, prepared the blends and chose the best and effective formulations. She chose to quit her job and indulge her completely in research and study. She got her certification of Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation. Her products were well-acclaimed among her friends and family. Since I was never a fan of synthetic cosmetics, the ideology of guilt-free cosmetics got into me. As it is something that is of good use to society, I made sure it reach the market by encouraging Vaishnavi and supporting to bring the products with the brand name of Herbal Fusion. Our road towards "natural living" has started and with your support, we will change the unnatural to natural one product at a time.