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Blueberry and Musk Face wash Share

₹225.0 ₹375.0 -40.0%

Blueberry is one of the top sought - After natural skin are benefits, The antioxidants presents in blueberries combat free radicals fromsun Expose which can cause damage to our skin overtime and speed up the aging process!!! Blueberries also contain significant amount of zinc and iron both skin friendly elements. Also blueberries soften dry skin, boost collegen as well as removes dirt, impurities & excesd oil from ski .


Safflower oil, Shea butter, Avocado butter Jojoba butter, Blueberries Extracts, Safforn Extracts, Chamomile Extract s, Cocoa glucoside, Juniper Essential oil, Musk Essential oul, Eco cert ( preservative ).