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Charcoal & Mint Bodywash, 200 mL Share

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Herbal Fusion Charcoal and Peppermint Body Wash is a top-to-toe usable blend. Charcoal helps to get a deeper clean by blending with the toxins on the skin, so we can rinse it away with the lather. It acts as a natural way to remove impurities from the skin, absorb excessive oil, eliminate blackheads and acne and stimulate blood flow resulting in a smooth, youthful complexion.

Our blend is specially designed to be very mild cleanser, which can be used on the body and the scalp without disrupting the body and the scalp's natural moisture.

Ingredients: Coconut shell charcoal, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Grape seed oil, Peppermint essential oil, Tea tree essential oil and Castile soap.

Directions for Use: Wet your skin and hair with warm water. Apply about 1 tbsp. of bodywash to your washcloth, bath sponge or pouf. Rub your skin and hair with the wet washcloth, using gentle circular motions. Rinse off with more water.